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By Russell Davis

Who hasn't dreamed of being an evil overlord?

modern most interesting myth authors have added fourteen stories that run the gamut from funny to critical, fable to technological know-how fiction. guaranteed to entice role-playing avid gamers, fable enthusiasts, and megalomaniacs who are looking to rule the world.

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He took a filthy pad of paper and a pencil stub out of his belt pouch and made a observe. “So I takes it ye’ll be wantin’ the vegetarian alternative fer yer dinner t’night as an alternative? ” The elf prince rolled his eyes expressively. “Are you convinced you aren’t similar? ” he requested Gudge. Gudge declined to remark. “Listen, my strong troll,” Prince Lorimel acknowledged to the turnkey. “Forget approximately my dinner—” “Oh, I intend to. ” The troll grinned affably. “—and inform me extra approximately Lord Belg’s daughter. You stated that she is familiar with I’m the following and needs to, as you set it, look after me herself, is that correct? ” The troll’s gruesome head bobbed like a cabbage in a boiling stewpot. “Aye, that’s actual. She’s allus the only as takes care o’ our prisoners. She’d’ve been right here quicker, ’cept she simply heard ’bout you bein’ right here over breakfas’. That’d be ’cos Himself’s a egocentric ol’ bastard as likes t’ preserve his playthings fer his personal use, unique. yet now that the lass is aware . . . ” The troll’s voice trailed off suggestively. “Oh, me terrible grasp! ” Gudge wailed. “An’ him so younger! an insignificant slip o’ a lad what ain’t noticeable more’n thousand 8 hunnert an’ fifteen summers, aye. An’ what’s t’ develop into o’ bad unswerving ol’ Gudge after that evil hussy’s long past an’ killed ’im deader’n puppy droppin’s? Oh, woe’s me an’ alack the day, wurra-wurra, lawks an’—” “Shut up, Gudge! ” This time the troll joined sentiment with the elf prince. It used to be a good looking amazing show of interspecies cooperation. sincerely Gudge had overlooked his calling within the Diplomatic Corps. “Aye, close yer toad-pie-hole, ye enormous baby,” the troll persisted. “Izzums scared t’ be left on their lonesome after Lord Belg’s daughter sees t’ yer fluffy-haired elfikin grasp? No concerns: She’ll make certain t’ take care o’ ye, too! ” someplace in citadel Bonecrack, a superb iron-tongued bell cleaved the air with a doleful knell. The troll snapped his pad close and filled it again into his pouch. “Noseweed holiday time! See you parents later, an’ by way of ’later’ I suggest ’dead. ’ Mwahaha! ” With that, he swaggered off up the dungeon stairs and slammed the heavy door at the back of him. His go out used to be instantly through a litany of locks, bolts, and chains securing stated portal, then by means of the sound of his flabby ft taking flight within the distance, and final of all a deep and funereal silence. It didn't final. In much less time than it will take a guy to attract breaths, the tomb-worthy stillness used to be shattered through the sound of loud, exultant laughter. “M’lud? ” Gudge cocked his shaggy head in Prince Lorimel’s course. The maniacal hilarity was once tumbling from the elf prince’s rosy lips. “M’lud, are ye feelin’ really, y’know, that factor what’s th’ contrary o’ slap-assed loopy? ” Prince Lorimel shook his head and regained his self-discipline, gasping for air among slowly abating gusts of chortles. “I am now not insane, Gudge. i'm in simple terms mad with pleasure. Did you no longer pay attention what that troll stated? A daughter! Lord Belg of chateau Bonecrack, scourge of 1000 kingdoms, threat of 1000 extra, and evil overlord for all seasons, has acquired a daughter.

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